Wedding Photography FAQ

Most frequently asked questions 

Questions About service and images.

How many photos will I receive?

It depends on how long and the weddings. Every wedding is a bit different.  Generally, I photograph around 80 – 150 phots per hour. I take unlimited photos.

How long does it take to receive all the images?

Generally, you will get all the image in about 1 – 4 weeks. It depends on the season and how long of your wedding.  

How do you deliver the photos?

I deliver all the photos in USB memory stick. If smaller wedding might be able to deliver in both USB and link to download.

Do you offer videography?

No, I am specialising in still photography.

Should we have a meet before the wedding?

I encourage all of my wedding client to have a meeting. You can view my work and discuss before you decide to hire me your big day. It doesn’t cost any extra. It is good to have a conversation about your wedding. For small wedding or for people who are very busy, we can have conversation by phone should be fine as well.

Do you put logo or Watermarks in the photos?

No, I don’t any logo or watermarks into all the final photos that I deliver.

Questions about Payment & Package

Is your wedding package customisable?

Yes, every wedding is different. I more than happy to customise the package to suit your big day.

Are there any hidden costs?

No, there is no hidden cost. All the cost will be disclosed upfront when I give you in the quote including my trave fee and my rates. 

When I do the final payment?

You can make the final payment when I deliver the final to you in the USB or when you pick up the photos.

How much is the deposit? Is it refundable?

The deposit is refundable if you give notice at less 3 months before the wedding date. I can’t give you the refund if you make very short time notice for the cancellation. 

Questions about photographer

Where are you based?

I base in Melbourne, Australia. I provide wedding and event photography service around Melbourne.

Do you use flash or Natural light?

I use both. it depends on the situations.  For bride and groom location portrait. I prefer to use flash photography especially if you choose package with assistant. I think it works better in any situations.   However, sometime natural is also greet it depend on the weather. 

Do you have back up equipment?

Yes, when I photograph a wedding. I bring at least 3 cameras and more than 4 lenses and 3 flashes on the day. Every camera has dual card recording. It means that when I take a photo. it automatically writes the data into 2 separate memory cards.

Do you back up all the images?

Yes, I back up all edited images for at least 6 months after I deliver the photos to wedding couple. However, I will delete the Raw images due to the large size of the images.

Do you have back up photographer if the wedding photographer is sick on the wedding day?

Yes, I working with a few wedding photographers who has similar photography style so they can replace me just in case I am sick on the day,

What is your wedding photography style?

My style is natural and timeless.  I try to capture candid moments as well as lovely poses. I use both natural and flash photography. When I edited the photos, I try to keep it as natural looking as possible.

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