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Wedding is one of the most important day in everyone’s life. Your wedding deserves to be remembered and photographed so you can look back and recall all the wonderful memory on your wedding.I always start photograph a wedding from bride and groom preparation , wedding ceremony ,first kiss , first dance to the end of the reception. I am a wedding photographer base in Melbourne, Victoria. 

I provide high quality and affordable wedding photography service in Melbourne area including Mornington Peninsula, Yarra Valley, Ballarat and Bendigo. I work with all budgets and my package are very customisable. Sometime I photograph a wedding with my team and sometime only myself. It is depending on your budget. My photography focus on real emotion, candid moments, natural and timeless. I believe wedding photograph should be natural style especially the colours. We don’t use any software preset or photo filter that make desaturated colour or un-natural looking into the images. I also don’t do over editing in our works.

I believe wedding photos will be viewed at least 50 years so I try to take photos that natural and close the scene as possible. I use both natural light and flash photography to make sure that I deliver the best images as possible in any situations. High quality image is also my priority. I use very top cameras and lenses in the market. I also beware of potential data risk or unexpected incident so I minimise that problem by bringing a least 3 cameras to a wedding and follow my photography data risk management.

Bride Getting Ready

Bride getting ready is very important part of the wedding. There are a lot of wonderful moments to be captured in this part. I love to taking candid moments of the preparation especially when the bride, your friends and bridesmaids hugging and laughing with together. I also photograph some detail shot, the wedding dress and the flowers. After the makeup is finished, I started to some portrait session. I start with photograph the bride in different lighting and location of the house. Then I do some group photos and individual of bridesmaids and the flower girl.

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding ceremony is very important part of your wedding. It is your processional. This is when your guests and members of family witness the marriage. It depends on the wedding couple. Usually the wedding ceremony will be held in the church , in the garden, at the beach or in the backyard. There are a lot of wonderful moments to be captured. It starts from the flower girl and ring bearer enter the ceremony, the bride and her father walking down the aisle and the groom sees his bride for the first time. Those are very important moments that need to be documented. I always take hundred of photos during this time.

The most important moment is when the bride and groom exchange vows. They read personal statement with happiness, crying full of tears and share wonderful moments.The bride and groom place rings on each other’s fingers as symbols of love. Then the celebrant officially declares husband and wife and the couple kiss. Those are magic moment to be photographed.  It is one in life time moment that can’t be missed especially the first kiss as husband and wife. I always carry two cameras with me for this part for back up. Just incase one of my camera break down during the wedding so I still have another camera to continue photograph. The ceremony ending with the bride and groom walk back to the aisle and the guest, family and friend come to congratulated them as newly wedded husband and wife. There are so great, happy moments. My eyes never look any from the camera. I take hundreds of photos during this time. I love to capture the candid and natural moments when the bride and groom talking with their friends and hugging, laughing with each other.

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Bride and Groom location portraits

This is my favourite part of photography a wedding. Usually the location portrait of the couple happen after the wedding ceremony. This portrait session will focus on bride and groom, taking photo of them with different poses. For example, bride and groom are holding each other hands, talking to each other, some formal poses and etc. I try to capture candid moment and natural style as well formal pose so the couple can have different style. During this photo session, it is a good opportunity taking group photos, photos of bridesmaids with the bride, the groom with groomsmen and everyone together. It will be great photos for wedding album or big print later.

I highly recommend the couple to allow the time at least 45 minutes or 1 hour for the location portraits. It depends on your wedding schedule and the season, usually the best for location portrait is golden hour. The golden hour is the time about 1 hour before sunset. It is the most beautiful and romantic time for photography. The natural light is very soft and the sky look amazing with colours.

I highly recommend the couple to allow the time at least 45 minutes or 1 hour for the location portraits. It depends on your wedding schedule and the season, usually the best for location portrait is golden hour. The golden hour is the time about 1 hour before sunset. It is the most beautiful and romantic time for photography. The natural light is very soft and the sky look amazing with colours.

The location for the photoshoot. It depends on where are you are getting marriage. If you getting marriage in Melbourne. There are a lot of wonderful places in Melbourne for wedding photoshoot. I always suggest the couple to taking photos at Parliament house, Fitzroy gardens and Victoria Barracks Museum. Those places are top list of wedding photography spots in Melbourne.  If you are getting marriage in Yarra Valley area. It is also great for photo too with beautiful scenery of mountain and vineyard. Mornington Peninsula is also great for wedding photos in different perspective. Wedding photos at the beach near sunset is the most romantic and wonderful imagery.

Wedding reception

After the bride and groom finished location photoshoot with the photographers. The bride and groom will arrive to the venue where guest and family are waiting for them. This is a great photo opportunity to get some great candid moments. It depends on the theme sometime when the bride, groom, groomsmen and bridesmaid enter the venue, they often do some silly dance or funny actions which is great for candid photography.

During the speech, there are a lot of great moment to capture, people laughing, crying and smiling, I document them all. After the dinner, often the bride and groom go around to talk to the guests. I always go around with them, taking photo of them with the guests.  Bride and groom first dance are also very important moment to capture as well as cake cutting.Towards, the end of the night, the dance floor will open and the DJ will play some music and everyone dancing, having a great time. I always take a lot of photo during this time. Moreover, if the bride and groom are not very busy, I often ask them to do some quick photoshoot about 5 minutes of their time in the venue.

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Family and guests

You choose to celebrate your wedding day with your close friends and family. It is also important to photograph your guests who attend your wedding. After wedding ceremony finished, I always encourage the couple to do group photos and family formal before doing bride and groom location photos.

Best Wedding photographers Melbourne and Australia

Choosing a wedding photography is a huge decision and there are a lot of factor to consider. For example, the style of photography and pricing. I am creating a list of the best wedding photographers in Melbourne and Australia.   Please beware this list that I presented is my personal subjective list only. Please take it as a grain of salt.

Before I added into this list. I look a lot of criteria for wedding photography. For example, the composition, lighting, editing style and etc.

1. Emilio B Photography

2. Jerry Ghionis Photography

3. Inlighten Photography

4. Dreamlife Photography

5. Lovejournal Photography

6. OnTree Photography 

7. Bezine by Mauro

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