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Event Photography Melbourne

We are most affordable event photography in Melbourne. We are offer a wide range of event photography services including birthday party, engagement party, small corporate function and night club photography. We are specialised in event photography. We are experienced photographers and we use great quality cameras, lenses and lighting equipment that produce beautiful images every environment. We take unlimited photos in every event and edit them carefully image by image. You can enjoy your event without having to worry about taking photos by yourself.

Birthday Party Photography

we are specialised in party’s photography especially birthday Party. We provide great quality and affordable prices. Whether a 1st birthday, 21st birthday or 60th birthday.  We photograph them all. We are experienced event photographers and have worked in different lighting conditions. Our experiences in this flied combine with great photography equipment will produce beautiful image for your important day.  It will produce much better image quality than making by smart phone especially in low light condition. Having us photograph your birthday party. We will capture a lot of photos in every moment so you can enjoy your party. We photograph everything from candid moment, blowing candles to detail of your birthday cake.

Engagement Party Photography

Engagement Party is very special event before you getting marriage. It is a great opportunity for celebrate with your family, friends and colleague. We are specialised in engagement party photography. We have a lot of experience in working with engagement. Our approach is very non-intrusive, capturing your natural candid moments. You won’t even notice that our photographer is there. We capture a lot of photos without any limited photos taken. We edited every photo carefully one by one to make sure that you receive best quality as possible. Our photographers are very professional, punctual and friendly. You and your guests will be very comfortable have our photographer around.

Corporate Event and Function Photography

Night Club Photography

Event photography prices

Our event photography prices are very affordable without compromise in image quality. We charge the same price all events with no hidden cost. There is no extra charge in Melbourne CBD within 15 kilometres. All the cost will be disclosed up front in the further areas.

Two hours


  • Unlimited photos
  • High-resolution images
  • All photos will be edited
  • Minimum of 200 photos
  • Online Delivery & Flashdrive

Three hours


  • Unlimited photos
  • High-resolution images
  • All photos will be edited
  • Minimum of 300 photos
  • Online Delivery & Flashdrive

Four hours


  • Unlimited photos
  • High-resolution images
  • All photos will be edited
  • Minimum of 400 photos
  • Online Delivery & Flashdrive

Event Photography FAQ

Most Frequent questions and answers about event photography service in Melbourne.

Q : When will I receive the images?

A: Normally, it will take about 2-5 days for the photos to be edited.  I always edit all the photos carefully one by one to achieve the best result.

Q: Are there any watermarks in the images?

A: No, I never put logo or watermark in the image that I deliver

Q:How many images do I get?

A: When I photograph an event. I offer unlimited photos taken. Generally for a 3 hours event , you expect about 300 – 500 photos.

Q:Are there any hidden extra costs?

A: Apart from small travel expenses that I charge in some areas. No, there are no extra costs.

Q: Do you provide videography for the event?

A: No, I mainly focus on still photography.  Sometimes a client asks me to take some quick videos. I do that from time to time but I am not an expert in videography.

Top 10 event photographers in Melbourne

If you are still looking for an event photographer for an event. I am creating a list of professional event photographers in Melbourne to help you find the best photographer to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a photographer for your birthday party, engagement party or corporate event. This list should provide you with a good starting point.

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