Wedding photography location Parliament House

Location : Parliament House of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
Wedding Photographer : Ivanhoe Photography & Design

Parliament house of Victoria is one of Melbourne’s landmark. It is located on Location: Spring St, East Melbourne VIC 3002. It is the finest of the civic architecture of the British Empire. The Parliament has been the seat of the Parliament of Victoria sine 1855. Parliament house is open to public throughout the year. There is a public tour of Parliament that run every day except the parliament’s sitting day. Parliament house is one the most beloved wedding photography locations in Melbourne. It has magnificent façade and classic columns making it one the most classic and luxurious wedding spot. I always encourage the wedding couple to do the location photos there if their wedding inner the city on the weekend or if they have a chance to drive pass the area.

The grand doors

The grand door of the Parliament House is one of the most iconic spots for wedding photography in Melbourne. The Parliament house got very beautiful carved wooden door and the Victorian iron lights style on top of it. It is wonderful as a background for bride and groom photos. It is great for wedding album cover image. The light shine from the west side creating very cinematic look to the image.  It is also great for bridal party photos. I love to photography the bride in front of the door. If the bride wear wedding veil, I place the bride in front of the door and then ask my assistant to hold the veil towards me. It creates very unique look to the image.

The soft light

The lighting is great most of the time due the architectural profile, high structure of the columns and celling allow the light shining from the western side of the façade. It creates very soft light which is wonderful for natural light photography. The best time is probably in the late afternoon and the golden hour.

The best time for photograph

The best time to do the photoshoot at the Parliament is on weekend because it less busy. One of the great things photograph there is that you can take photos in any weather conditions. If it rains on your wedding day, you can still get fanatic wedding photo due to the structure profile of the Parliament house provide the shelter from the rain.

One the weekday IS NOT recommended for photographing because the member of the parliament is working and long queue of the Public tour of the Parliament. It makes very difficult for photography.

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